Basin & Range Birding Trail
Sage Grouse
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There are 19 sites on the Basin & Range Birding Trail where you can observe many of these birds. The current bird list for Lake County boasts 328 species!

The defining characteristic of the Basin & Range Ecoregion--and the larger Great Basin, of which it is a part--is the absence of a water route to the ocean. The vast expanse of high desert topography in the Basin & Range area is characterized by north-south mountain ranges that rise abruptly from the basin floor. Run off from the mountains create wetlands that provide discrete, oases-like habitats for hundreds of breeding and migrating bird species.

Oregon ranks fifth in the country for bird diversity with nearly 500 different bird species observed here. The state has developed birding trails, featuring distinct geographical regions, reflecting our diverse landscapes including: Klamath Basin, Coastal, Cascade and Wilamette Valley Birding Trails. This Birding Trail focuses on Southern Oregon's unique Basin & Range geographical region.

American Goldfinch
American Goldfinch