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Sage Grouse
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There are 17 sites on the Modoc County portion of the Basin & Range Birding Trail where you can observe a wide variety of birds in as wide a variety of habitat types. The current bird list for Modoc County boasts more than 320 species!

The defining characteristics of the Basin and Range Ecoregion are the "closed basins" where water runs off into wide valleys with no outlet to the ocean. Surprise Valley and Goose Lake represent the 'closed basin' areas. The watershed for the Pit River collects run-off from the west side of the Warner Mountains which flow into several tributaries which find their way to the Pit River. From Alturas, the Pit River continues west through valleys, wetlands and mountainous areas, eventually flowing to the Pacific Ocean.

The Modoc County portion of the Basin & Range Birding Trail ties directly to Lake County's Basin & Range Birding Trail. Modoc County's Basin & Range Birding Trail also ties directly to the Klamath Basin Birding Trail to the northwest. People traveling the three adjoining birding trails could easily spend two weeks exploring some of the best birding country in the nation.

American Goldfinch
American Goldfinch