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February 18-20, 2011 - Klamath Basin Winter Wings Festival
Oregon Institute of Technology Klamath Falls, Oregon

The Klamath Basin Winter Wings Festival is a three-day event that occurs every President's Weekend in Klamath Falls. The Klamath Basin Audubon Society produces the event. It opens early Friday morning with a flyout to watch hundreds of eagles fly from their night time roosts to the Klamath Wildlife Refuges to begin foraging. It ends Sunday afternoon after a day of birding that matches your interests. In between, the Festival offers more field trips, workshops, talks, vendors, displays, and free activities attractive to families.

The Winter Wings Festival is the oldest birding festival in the nation. Known for the largest wintering population of Bald Eagles in the lower 48 states, the Festival also celebrates the return of other raptors and wintering flocks of waterfowl to the Klamath Basin. Jeffrey Gordon, a well-known naturalist/photographer and President of American Birding Association, will be the keynote speaker on February 18, 2011. His topic, Bird Jeopardy, will actively involve the audience in fun and learning.

On February 19 internationally known bird and wildlife photographer and Canon Explorer of Light Art Morris will present "A Bird Photographer's Story" following the festival banquet.

Workshops cover topics like:

  • Basin Birds and Habitats
  • Beginning Optics
  • Live Raptors and Owls
  • Live Ducks and More
  • Photography Workshop and Safari
  • Beginning Digiscoping
  • Beginning Birding
  • American Birding Milestones
  • Field Guides and Stewardship
  • Oregon Owls
  • Raptor Identification
  • . . . and many more!

Field trips take you many areas of the Klamath Basin:

  • Klamath Refuges
  • Bear Valley Refuge (bald eagle roosting area)
  • Miller Island
  • Putnam Point
  • Butte Valley

For all the details see the event's website at